Toronto Sikh Retreat

Annual Sikh Retreat - Jan. 4th, 2024 to Jan 7th, 2024

About Us

We perform the blessed seva of helping Sikh youth fall in love with Sikhi.

Since 2003, the Toronto Sikh Retreat (TSR) has provided a forum for Sikh youth to explore the Sikh way of life within their own lives and the world around them. Since its inception, TSR has organized numerous Sikh events that have offered a positive space for like-minded Sikhs to share and learn from one another. These events have included the annual retreat as well as candle light vigils, panel discussions, lectures, workshops and social events.

With a new vision, TSR is now focused on a family-friendly retreat. We encourage youth, university students, young professionals, older adults and families to consider attending TSR this year. Our goal is to help provide a Sikhi-inspired environment for all family members to learn how to live a Guru-centred life, no matter what life stage or experience.