Toronto Sikh Retreat

Annual Sikh Retreat - Jan. 4th, 2024 to Jan 7th, 2024



  1. What do I need to bring?
  2. I’m attending as a family, will we get a personal room?
  3. What is the purpose of the retreat?
  4. Is this retreat right for me? Will I “fit in”?
  5. Is it okay if I don’t know anyone else who is going?
  6. How many people will be attending?
  7. What types of people come to these retreats?
  8. Can I attend for one day?
  9. I live nearby, can I sleep at home and attend?
  10. When is the deadline to register?
  11. Is there a cost to register?
  12. Will I get a full refund if I cancel?
  13. Are there any transportation arrangements to get to/from the retreat centre?
  14. What to wear?
  15. Who is running the retreat?
  16. Will there be older adults to co-ordinate the retreat?
  17. Will there be any physical activities or sports?
  18. Will it be fun?
  19. What is open mic night?
  20. What kind of food is served at the retreat?


What do I need to bring?

All retreat participants should bring the following:

  1. Toiletries (i.e. soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  2. Bath towel (s)
  3. Bedding: pillow and pillow case, bed sheet, blanket or sleeping bag (a bed with a mattress is provided by the facility)
  4. Alarm clock.
  5. Good walking shoes, boots, gloves, indoor slippers/shoes (2 pairs are needed, one pair for each of two separate buildings)
  6. Warm winter clothing. (A number of activities over the weekend will take place outside).  A woollen base layer is highly recommended.
  7. Portable mirror – there are mirrors at the facility, but in order to keep washrooms free and to ensure that everyone has access to a mirror (especially those tying Dastaars) it is advisable to bring your own.
  8. Head covering.
  9. Musical instruments – for those who have instruments such as dilruba, harmonium, tabla, etc., and would like to use them in the kirtans.
  10. Gutka – for those who wish to use their personal gutka.
  11. Personal water bottle


I’m attending as a family, will we get a personal room?

There are a limited number of rooms available. Although we will strive to keep families together, this is not guaranteed. Priority to family rooms will be given to families with younger children. To fully utilize as many beds as possible, we may not be able to accommodate a single family per room.


What is the purpose of the retreat?

Our goal is to make TSR your best weekend of the year. To do this we bring together Sikh youth from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and around the world, to learn, discuss and share experiences while on the path of Sikhism. Many of our past attendees have called the retreats positive life-changing events.


Is this retreat right for me? Will I “fit in”?

Yes. This retreat is open to anyone. Regardless of your background or knowledge, you will learn new fundamentals or reaffirm previous concepts, while making a valuable contribution to the overall success of the retreat.


Is it okay if I don’t know anyone else who is going?

Absolutely! Throughout the weekend, you will have an opportunity to meet like-minded people on a similar spiritual path while gaining knowledge and above all, having fun.
At previous retreats, many have been first-time attendees who did not know others before the retreat. They left TSR having learned a great deal and made life-long friends.


How many people will be attending?

There will be a limit of approximately 90 participants. This limit is due to the limited number of beds and rooms at the retreat site and our desire to create an open comfortable environment where all attendees have a chance to interact with each.


What types of people come to these retreats?

We have found that people from all over North America and with various backgrounds and knowledge have attended retreats in the past.


Can I attend for one day?

The retreat is a 4 day event and all participants are required to attend the whole retreat. NO exceptions only be made.


I live nearby, can I sleep at home and attend?

All participants will be expected to come Thursday night and stay the duration of the weekend until Sunday afternoon. Participants must remain on the retreat premises at all times. Part of the retreat experience is the bonding that will occur during the evenings and early mornings.


When is the deadline to register?

Payment must be made when you register. Registration will close on Dec 31st, 2023.


Is there a cost to register?

Please see the Cost page for more information.

If you’re not able to attend due to the cost, please reach out to us via email at


Will I get a full refund if I cancel?

Since our costs (facilities, food, supplies, etc.) are based on the number of registrants, we will NOT be able to provide any refunds after the registration/payment deadline unless you are able to arrange for someone to take your spot or a new person wishes to register (and thereby takes your spot).


Are there any transportation arrangements to get to/from the retreat centre?

All efforts will be made to make appropriate arrangements for transportation, especially for those flying into Toronto. Please contact us directly and let us know your particular situation.


What to wear?

See What do I need to bring question.


Who is running the retreat?

Volunteers of TSR have been organizing retreats and Sikh events across North America collectively for over 20 years. TSR, or the organizing committee do not have any affiliation with existing groups or organizations. Organizers are local youth and young professionals passionate about Sikhi with a desire to learn and share with others.


Will there be older adults to co-ordinate the retreat?

Yes. There will be individuals who facilitate workshops and an additional 5 adult supervisors.
Note: All attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Will there be any physical activities or sports?

Yes. There will be opportunity for both organized activities and/or sports. In addition, there will also be “free time” which can be used as desired, including playing sports or participating in activities or exploring the site (keeping in mind the constraints of retreat rules).


Will it be fun?

Yes, for sure. You will enjoy workshops as well as recreational and group activities.


What is open mic night?

Along with our fun activities we will be holding an Open Mic Night Saturday evening. Come share your talents with TSR family! We’re interested in your best joke, song, poem, skit, instrumental, story, rap, tabla duo, qawali session or even a puppet show. Your act can be Sikhi themed or about anything at all.
Participation is optional but highly encouraged! Be sure to bring all the props you need.
Open Mic Night is an evening dedicated to having fun and is a chance for everyone to showcase their hidden talents and be creative.


What kind of food is served at the retreat?

Amazingly delicious food! All meals are vegetarian. Meals are prepared by a team of dedicated volunteers. Some meals are also donated by members of the community.  We are able accommodate dietary restrictions including allergies (nut, celiac).