Toronto Sikh Retreat

Annual Sikh Retreat - Jan. 4th, 2024 to Jan 7th, 2024


Age Cost ($CAD)
Adult (ages 17 and up) $225
Adult–first time attendee (ages 17 and up; limited to first 10) $200
Children/Youth (ages 5 to 16) $100
Children 4 and under free

Attendance should not be dependent on your ability to pay.  Please contact us in confidence regarding genuine financial constraints and we will strive to make adjustments accordingly


  • Please note:  no programming for children under 5 (an adult family member must accompany any child 4 and under at all times)
  • You are only considered a confirmed registrant once your payment has been received.
  • There will be no refunds once you have paid, but you may find someone to take your place should you not be able to attend.
  • Each year we strive to keep the registration costs as low as possible but organizing a quality retreat requires substantial funding.  To subsidize the full cost to attendees we do solicit donations from the community.
  • There are a limited number of rooms available. Although we will strive to keep families together, this is not guaranteed. Priority to family rooms will be given to families with younger children. To fully utilize as many beds as possible, we may not be able to accommodate a single family per single room.